October 3, 2012

UFO sighting in the city of Aqaba...Extraterrestrials! (VIDEO)


The video that we present is proof of an extraordinary UFO sighting on the evening of September 28, 2012 in the port city of Aqaba, Jordan. 

At first one big object "light" appeared and then more (at 1:48) lights start to appear beside the first one, it was very strange and many people saw and filmed these unidentified objects.

In the video you can see first a ball of light that is parked for a few minutes over the city, then after a little bit of light that appear in other spheres.
The 'extraterrestrial presence on Earth’ is not just something from the past, but a present and ongoing into the future, reality.
The time is at hand to acknowledge this and bring about a truly wonderful, worldwide, Earthhuman mind-growth experience as the Earthhuman comes to learn of, and be informed about, the ’extraterrestrial presence on Earth’.

by Dan Keying


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