October 28, 2012

From the 'X Files': "ET Technology Could Exist That's Beyond Matter"

Stephen Hawking warned recently that contact with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization could have dire consequences for the human species.

Arthur C Clarke once made the famous observation that any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic.

Following in their footsteps, world renowned experts from physicist Sir Martin Rees of Cambridge University to astrobiologist Paul Davis of Arizona State have asked if we were to encounter alien technology far superior to our own, would we even realize what it was. A technology a million or more years in advance of ours could appear miraculous.

In fact, Davies writes in his book, Eeie Silence, that advanced technology might not even be made of matter. That it might have no fixed size or shape; have no well-defined boundaries. Is dynamical on all scales of space and time. Or, conversely, does not appear to do anything at all that we can discern. Does not consistr of discrete, seperate things; but rather it is a system,or a subtle higher-level corrrelation of things.

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