October 9, 2012

Arizona's Sedona is a place of Beauty, Peace and Mystery

Much has been written about the mysteries of Sedona, Arizona.

But have we learned everything there is to know about this beautiful and interesting place? And how do all the facts, history, stories and claims about Sedona fit together?

Sedona is located in central Arizona at an altitude of 4,500 feet in the magnificent "Red Rock Country" of the Colorado Plateau.

About 125 miles north of Phoenix (elevation 1,100 feet) and about 30 miles south of Flagstaff (at 8,000 feet), Sedona is known around the world as place of almost mystical beauty.

The dramatic and huge red rock formations seem to emerge out of nowhere as you drive into the Sedona area. The striking formations jutting out from the red soil create a magical feeling in many people.

It's location between the Sonoran Desert below and the pine-forested mountains above might be a metaphor for a view that Sedona is also "between worlds" in other ways.

Long believed to be a sacred place by Native Americans, reportedly including very ancient peoples, Sedona has a reputation as a spiritual and metaphysical center.


Apart from the beauty of the land, some say that magical feelings here may come from geological, magnetic or other factors that have created "vortexes" of energy, or even a "portal" to experience higher and deeper states of consciousness and spiritual insight.

The red sandstone is rich in quartz and iron. Quartz is long known to have powerful qualities used in electronics. Iron might magnify certain qualities of the energy in the Sedona area, some people claim.

Is Sedona some kind of cosmic crossroads where physics changes just a little bit, and the physical and spiritual dimensions rub up against each other more closely? That question draws thousands of visitors who travel there from all over the world every year.

Many of them seek out the vortex sites and try to sense altered energy and altered consciousness within themselves.

Some choose to hike the many trails in the national forest and wilderness area surrounding Sedona. It's easy to lift your routine consciousness and mood simply from hiking in such a beautiful and peaceful setting.

Is there any truth to tales of strange lights, Indian spirits, secret underground military bases and unusual phenomena of various kinds in the Sedona region? Locals do have their stories, and books are available that explore some of these ideas.

What about all those retired Air Force folks and the creative and visionary people of the old Walt Disney organization who have settled there? Maybe they are in cahoots to discover the natural magic of the area and are cooking up a wonderful conspiracy.

The hidden canyons and remote reaches of the Sedona area provide great opportunities for exploration and discovery of all kinds. Intimate hikes and group jeep tours are available. Some people take helicopter rides.

Galleries filled with art of the Southwest are also a draw for visitors.

Kids like to play in Oak Creek at "Slide Rock" where Nature has created a water park of sorts.

Don't let the upscale homes, resorts and the usual inns and restaurants fool you. Sedona is a mysterious place that is not like any other. As for cosmic vortexes and portals, secret discoveries, mystical enlightenment and peace – seek and ye shall find.


The Sedona area is a wonderful destination for a day, a weekend or an extended vacation. Couples continue to get married there and families find plenty of fun outdoor activities.

For those visiting the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, a visit to Sedona is well worth the effort. Visitors to the Phoenix area "Valley of the Sun" will also find the drive up the mountains to Sedona a trip to remember.

Many Web sites about Sedona are available, from the local Chamber of Commerce to travel and tourist sites. Webcams of the Sedona area are also available online. Photos of the gorgeous red rock formations are abundant on the Web too.

So take a virtual visit to Sedona on the Internet. Maybe this can be your reconnaissance to plan for a trip to a special place that you might enjoy at many levels. (see also italian version "
Sedona, tra Bellezze Naturali e Vortici di Energia Spirituale")

by Steve Hammons


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