October 9, 2012

Mount St. Helens' Runaway Glacier (VIDEO) A time-lapse video of Crater Glacier

From 2005 to 2010, the U.S. Geological Survey-Cascades Volcano Observatory operated a remote camera on the northwest flank of Mount St. Helens. 
Looking into the crater, the camera captured hourly photographs of volcanic dome growth during the 2004-2008 eruption. 

The station also captured the advance of the west arm of Crater Glacier as it moved northeast around the 1980-1986 and 2004-2008 lava domes, joined with the east arm of the glacier, and pushed northward onto the crater floor. 

The time-lapse sequence links individual photographs to produce a video of the movement of Crater Glacier, showing the glacier's remarkable run-away response to volcanic dome growth.

Mount St. Helens' Runaway Glacier- A time-lapse video of Crater Glacier

Video by USGS
Location: WA, Mount St. Helens, USA
Video Producer: Liz Westby , U.S. Geological Survey–Cascades Volcano Observatory


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