October 4, 2012

Ancient Aliens: The Time Travelers (VIDEO)

This episode suggests that some alleged alien encounters and UFO sightings may be of beings from Earth’s future traveling in time machines, and that these same beings could have posed as ancient aliens in the distant past. Is it possible that sightings of alien beings or UFOs may actually be evidence of time travelers from the future? And might ancient astronauts actually be time travelers from our future?

If you’ve been reading our posts, you know that alien beings exist – in fact, there are billions of inhabited planets out in the expanse in our reality – all under the Sovereign Rule of our Creator. The Word (Spokesman) Michael (Archangel) who became Christ (Messiah) is the only direct creation of our Creator and the bi-creator of everything else, including all living things on this and other planets, except himself and our Creator. These intelligent beings can go from flesh to spirit and vice versa like the resurrected Christ – that’s an ability we humans lost after the first human pair failed a simple test of obedience.

We’ve also mentioned the three possible groups behind UFO sightings: holy angelic warriors doing surveillance work or accompanying interstellar mining groups; the United States of America with its advanced military crafts; demons grouping together as mysterious lights – none are time travelers from the future. 

As for ancient astronauts, remember that there were other creations before mankind so it is possible that different groups also attempted space travel. Also, the fallen angels assumed the roles of teachers to the men and women in the pre-flood era and revealed to them the secrets of Heaven. Could they have taught them about space travel much like how they taught modern humans?


In this episode, Erich Von Daniken claims there is a story in the Holy Bible where the Prophet Jeremiah tells the child Abimelech to go and gather figs from a hill and the boy returns with the figs 62 years later after he had a blackout. The story continues on to describe how the figs were brought to Babylon and used to end the Babylonian captivity. Actually, it’s not found in the Holy Bible but the older manuscripts. Did you know that Elijah reappeared alive and active in the flesh as a prophet to King Judah a number of years after his ascension in the windstorm?


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