November 26, 2012

Zecharia Sitchin, The Sumerians and The Anunnaki

According to the research by Zecharia Sitchin, some of the Sumerian clay tablets, which are over 6000 old, tell the story of the creation of the human species as the result of an experiment by an alien race called the “Anunnaki”.

The Sumerian was one of the first cultures of humankind. It developed between 5300 and 2000 BC and it still is one of the more advanced and amazing civilizations known. Located in the current territories of Iraq and Kuwait, this civilization is mainly famous for inventing the Cuneiform script, which was the first form of writing.

The Sumerian discovered the wheel. They had an advanced knowledge of mathematics, geometry, and astronomy; they discovered the agriculture in that region of the world; and, they had schools where they taught science and music.

This bodacious civilization used music as an oblation to the gods, composed music in the seven-note scale, which we still use for Western music. They had more than 20 wind, percussion and string instruments (specially the lira), and, which is most surprising, they also developed a form of writing for the music they composed, something similar to the modern pentagram.

The culture, organization, and development of the Sumerian civilization were registered in clay tablets, through their cuneiform script. The Sumerian tablets allow us to know about their political, social, and religious structures, as well as about their agricultural, cattle-farming, and commercial activities. Nowadays, we have thousands of these tablets preserved in various museums around the world.
Zecharia Sitchin supports most of his theories with the sumerian clay tablet with cuneiform writing.

The Sumerian culture epic is narrated in the poem of Gilgamesh, contained in twelve clay tablets that tell the story of king Gilgamesh (circa 2700 BC). Although it may seem weird, this epic poem includes many stories that are quite similar to those of the Old Testament, such as that of Adam and Eve in paradise or the universal deluge.

But perhaps the most interesting stories in these tablets are those related to their gods. These tales offer us an alternative to Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species.

We, The Divulgers have decided to devote a space to the work of Dr. Zecharia Sitchin, who dedicated his life to studying the Sumerian tablets and stated that some of them tell the story of the creation of the human species from an experiment made by an alien race called the “Anunnaki”, from planet Nibiru.

We, The Divulgers are convinced that Dr. Sitchin’s theories are somehow true. We don’t know if all his statements are right but we do know that some of them raise disturbing questions that still don’t have a scientific answer.
In 1976, Zecharia Sithcin stated that the sumerians had described, in a 6000 year old tablet, the color of Uranus as a bright green.(Photo by NASA)

One day of January, 1986, thanks to the TV images transmitted by the Voyager II space mission, mankind discovered that Uranus had a bright green color. That day, while Dr. Stichin watched these images, he proved that his work of so many years had not been in vain. Ten years earlier, in 1976, Zecharia Sitchin had published a book called “The Twelfth Planet”, where he stated that the Sumerians had described, in a 6000 year-old tablet, the color of Uranus. According to Dr. Sitchin’s interpretation, the clay tablet referred to Uranus as “en ti mash sig“, which he translated as the “bright green planet”. How is it possible that Sr. Sitchin knew, back in 1976, that Uranus was a bright green planet?

We, the Divulgers know those who oppose Dr. Sitchin and acknowledge they might be right, somehow, when they say Sitchin’s theories are a result of his wrong translation and interpretation of the Sumerian tablets. However, translating and interpreting a language that is over 6000 years old cannot be an exact science. We value the audacity and originality of Dr. Sitchin’s hypothesis since he dared thinking “out of the box” and published his researches even though the scientific community was against him. Perhaps the Anunnaki don’t exist and maybe planet Nibiru will never pass close to the orbit of the Earth, but the main statement of Dr. Sitchin’s work is enough to be grateful with him: Humans are simply the result of an experiment made by aliens.

In January of 2010, at 90 years old and during one of his last public appearances, Zecharia Sitchin asked the scientific community to run a DNA test on the 4500 year-old corpse of Sumerian queen, Puabi. According to Dr. Sitchin, this corpse could contain the confirmation of all his theories: alien DNA.

Dr. Zecharia Sitchin died on October 09th of 2010, without witnessing the confirmation of his theories. We, the Divulgers, support Dr. Sitchin’s thinking and will try to further study his theories profoundly.

by Alan Brain

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