November 6, 2012

Russian Officer: Alien Machines Under The Icecaps

First Rank Captain Vladimir Prikhodko, the chairman of a public research organization for underwater studies, notes Russia, the U.S. and China are spending billions in space, when maybe they should spend the money down here…down deep under the sea, under the glistening, blue-tinted polar icecaps where, he claims, gigantic alien machines are hidden.

UFOs at the poles
For decades the Russian military has tracked UFOs and alien comings and goings at the top and bottom of the world. The bases flaunt the world powers and the technology the machineries display are sometimes little short of magic.

Captain Prikhodko relates the astounding case of Dr. Rubens Dzh.Villela, a famous Arctic explorer who, along with an officer of the watch and a seasoned helmsman witnessed aliens launch a vessel skyward from beneath the ice-bound sea.

The men sailed aboard a huge Russian icebreaker during a naval operation called Deep Freeze, that undertook intense naval exrecises in the northern polar region. to later testimony at an official hearing, Dr. Dzh.Villela and the two crewmen on deck with him were startled by an object that appeared from beneath the ice.

Cracking ice and Antarctic objects

“…Something came out of the water cracking the ice three metres wide, and a huge silver bullet disappeared in the sky. Huge blocks of ice, raised in the air tens of meters high, with the cannon roar they hit back on the hummocks, and the water formed in huge bubbles. From it rose a steam. This seems to indicate a giant energy potential that just happened to be released.” the Antarctic too has its alien presence. In 1997, Prikhodko claims, “the Belingsgauzen depression near Antarctic area was examined by the Australian military. At a depth of six kilometers [their] camera captured oval-shaped objects, emitting intense inner light.

“The film was examined by scholars of [the] Royal Institute of Oceanology. The conclusion was unequivocal: these structures can only be of artificial origin.”

Russian navy tracks submerged saucers

Russian naval UFO data presented by former USSR Captain First Rank Vladimir Azhazha and the former deputy section chief of exploration for the Oceanographic Commission of the Academy of Sciences states that approximately “50 percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. 15 percent—with lakes. So UFOs tend explicitly to the water element. Therefore naval collection of data on UFOs is of special value.”

Captain Prikhodko adds that during another Russian naval exercise, “Acoustics report {sonar] put officers in a deadlock. The fact that the unidentified object, measuring device, went under the water at a speed of 150 knots! That is [an incredible] 280 kilometers per hour! This can not be, because the modern submarine submerged cannot reach speeds above 45 knots.

“[The] watch officer immediately reported it to the captain, who, in turn, immediately contacted a command ship. Imagine his surprise when he learned that, just over each other, all other ships report to the aircraft carrier is the same.

The mysteries of the deep oceans are as big as those in outer space, Captain Prikhodko observed. “The problem is—humankind is rushing upwards with great interest and not too intense downwards. Maybe this is a big mistake,” he said ruefully.



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