November 14, 2012

Three Days of Darkness, Ancient Sumerian Records

The ancient Sumerian texts depicted a large planet (Nibiru, today we call it Planet X) that entered the solar system very specifically in one of their drawings, and told how it would leave fairly quickly after it had come. In passing, it can have drastic effects on the Earth and other planets in the solar system.
These ancient Sumerian texts also depict a race called the Anunnaki (Anunaki), a race of beings that live on Nibiru, Planet X. The Anunnaki are said to have created humans. The Anunnaki (Anunaki) plan is that they will pass through this solar system again, supposedly somewhere around 2012.

In Sumeria, the religions were set up around the gods associated with the Anunnaki (Anunaki), one in particular called Anu.

If Nibiru, Planet X and the Anunnaki are real, then the New World Order conspiracies and other human dramas are the least of your concerns! Celestial events trump anything humans do. However, there is evidence given by NASA and other scientists as proof that Nibiru, Planet X or the Anunnaki are real.

Does anyone believe the Sumerian gods were the same as the Sons of God?

It is interesting to speculate about  Anunnaki and Nibiru.
In the epic of Gilgamesh and in the epic Etana they both speak before the Utnapishtim/Noah deluge and speak about beings called the 'illu' which is a Sumerian word for 'shining ones' out of all these beings that came from the great Anu, which is the Sumerian word for heaven. All of them came to the Ki which is the Sumerian word for Land. It reads those who came from heaven came to the land. This runs parallel to the book of Genesis 6:4 in the world Nephilim which means ' fallen sons of God.

Do you believe the 'Sumerians' gods; gods like Enki, Enlil, Ishtar and Nitura and many hundreds of others etc were the same as the Fallen Angels mentioned in Genesis 6? Those who fell from heaven.

The Sons of God were the fallen angels that fell from Grace when they took wifes of mankind!! and Anunnaki were the fallen angels that saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
The sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the (Nephilim) heroes of old, men of renown.
The Nephilim were said to be a breed of giants killed in the flood of Noah. Many believe the Nephilim are demigods, the unnatural offspring of mortal women in cohabitation with “the sons of god.”
The Nephilim were a race of man of extraordinary physical stature and strength compared to the smaller Hebrews. As in the same comparisons of the story of David and Goliath, Goliath was referred to as a “Giant,” When the Greek Septuagint was composed, "Nephilim" was translated as "Gegenes" and in some copies it was translated as “Gigantes." “Gigantes" or "Gegenes" does not translate to “giants”; rather it means "Born of the Earth" or "Born of Gaia.” In the Greek myth, the Gigantes made war on the gods, but were destroyed in the ensuing battle. They were destroyed in the flood of bloodshed. In Sumerian Mythology they were a pantheon of good and evil gods and goddesses who came to Earth to create the human race. These Gods were called the Sons of God, Fallen Ones, the Anunnaki - "Those who from Heaven to Earth came."
Ancient Sumarian tablet
Sumerians 3 days of darkness.
The existence of Nibiru is said to have been known about as far back as 6000 years ago. The belief is that some terrestrial, entities, fallen angels, aliens the Sumerians called The Anunnaki's came to Earth and through DNA mixing created the first male humanoid (sounds like "Nephilim heroes of old, men of renown." from the Bible - Genesis 6). The ancient Sumerians are said to have had knowledge about the existence of the planets and a clear understanding of the placement of them within our solar system (along with the proper size of each planet), which was well beyond the Sumerians capabilities at that time which is said to prove the terrestrial visitors.

It is a planet whose orbit is said to pass through our solar system, and it takes 3630 years to complete it's orbit.
The first Recorded orbit of Nibiru was by Ancient Sumaria. A massive object (Nibiru) orbits our sun there was 3 days of darkness.

The Second Recorded orbit of Nibiru was by Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians called it the Destroyer.

It was in Moses time there was 3 days of darkness.

In the Holy Bible - Revelation 8:11 of Christ given to John we find a most intriguing prophecy often used to suggest that some kind of heavenly body will crash into the earth and do great damage. The prophecy describes this as a "great star" named Wormwood.
Now, there is quite a lot about Nibiru on the World Wide Web, and although pretty intriguing sort of way... well, I can see how something like this could truly freak a lot of people out. 

Is Nibiru coming at us? A lot of people believe so. Some believe that Nibiru is going to hit the Earth.  

The larger consensus seems to be that on the Winter Solstice of 12/21/2012, Nibiru will pass right next to the Earth. It will be so close we will be able to see it clearly. This will supposedly cause our poles to shift, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. Total planetary devastation.

The ancient Sumerians knew about the existence of Nibiru. The Mayan calendar ends on the date of Winter Solstice of 12/21/2012 with an Eclipse. The question is this Mayan 2012 last eclipse on the calendar is it Nibiru, The Destroyer, Wormwood, or Planet X that will bring the 3 days of darkess.  Is a lot being read into the tablets, calendar, and predictions? What does it all mean?


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  1. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    One probably never considers the Prophet Daniel as being associated with the Three Days of Darkness.

    But my arrival at the dates of the Three Days of Darkness begins with the determination of the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12, which includes words of blessing.

    The determination of both the 1,335th day and the Three Days of Darkness occurred during session of the Court of Common Pleas, Chester County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the spring of 2013 A.D.; however I have only recently clarified the details.

    There are many more details at my homepage, inclusive to the 95th quatrain of "Centuries IV" by Michel de Nostradame serving as the mirroring prophecy which links to the 1,290 day count of Daniel 12:11.

    Below is the brief message of more than 60 years of research, prayer, and study :

    The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ has begun!

    The Return of Our Lord is an Act of Justice, Love, and Mercy!

    The Judgment is Everlasting : Eternal Peace is coming!

    Great and Holy Thursday, March 24th, 2016 A.D., is the 1,290th day of Daniel 12:11.

    Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D., is the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12 (cf. Malachi 4:5).

    The First Year of Judgment began September 1, 2015 A.D. (the Final Day of Indiction) and the following First Sunday of Advent, November 29, 2015 A.D.

    The warning sign for the Three Days of Darkness is November 16, 2016 A.D., the beginning of the Leonid meteor shower.

    The First Sunday of Advent, November 27th, 2016 A.D., is the Day of the Lord (Malachi 4:5), the Day of the Great Illumination, the Day of Triumph for the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the conversion of Russia, the end of World War III, and the fulfillment of the 2,300 day cleansing period of Daniel 8:14.

    It is the day foretold that the world would be saved through Our Lady's Brown Scapular and Holy Rosary.

    Satan and his minions have been cast into hell (to be temporarily released during the Three Days of Darkness).

    During the countdown to the fulfillment of Daniel 12:12 which was, is, and shall forever be, Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D., I began to include the 2,300th day of Daniel 8:14 as equating to the same date, including any future blessing with the blessing of Daniel 12:12.

    The Lord was leading me to the 1,335th day but was going to give me a break and he didn't want me to forget the final computation to the end.

    So the counting for those 2,300 days began August 11, 2010 A.D., which is completed by the First Sunday of Advent for the Second Year of the Judgment, November 27, 2016 A.D.

    Recently there has been a rise in articles regarding the Three Days of Darkness.

    A warning sign 8 (eight) days prior is due to come so that all may prepare : November 16, 2016 A.D., the beginning of the Leonid meteor shower.

    November 23, 2016 A.D. is also supposed to be exceptionally cold.

    The Three Days of Darkness are November 24th through the 26th, 2016 A.D.

    A passing of a soul to eternal life was necessary each for the interpretation of the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12 and the Three Days of Darkness.

    Regular updates to the countdown to the Three Days of Darkness :


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