December 27, 2012

FIRE IN THE SKY: Bright Fireball Lights Up Night Sky Over Texas And Oklahoma

December 25, 2012 - United States - The following report of eye-witness accounts, constitutes the latest report of fireballs across the skies of the Texas and Oklahoma in the United States.

23rd of December, 2012 - Shelly Boykin. Kyle, Texas at 1:00am.

5 seconds duration? Moved from my right to left, while driving NORTH. Mostly white color, some orange. No sound, brighter than the moon. Larger than a usual shooting star.
23rd December, 2012 - Kelley. Robert Lee, Texas, USA at 1:00am.

10-15 seconds duration - I am in Robert Lee, Texas. I was looking towards the East. The meteor looked like it entered atmosphere then left atmosphere. From where I was it looked to be moving from North to South. Very bright flash of blue light, followed by a trail of lingering light that was still blue-colored, but not as bright. Not as bright as the sun but very bright, brighter than moon. I did not see any fragments falling off. It happened too fast to get a photo.
23rd December, 2012 - R. Griffin. Corpus Christi, Texas, USA at 00:58am.

2 seconds duration. North-Northwest to West-Northwest, from right to left. 35 degrees up. Orange-red color. Bright as the moon. There was a bright, then an orange-red trail.

2012 THE Year of Meteors!



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