September 24, 2012

Giraffe dies after escaping from Italian circus (VIDEO)

A giraffe has escaped from an Italian circus (VIDEO) in the northern town of Imola, spending several hours on the run.

A giraffe which escaped from a circus gave the police the runaround in an Italian city for more than an hour.


People frantically fled the giraffe's path as the runaway charged around the picturesque town centre of Imola, near Bologna, crossing busy streets.

Desperate keepers could be seen waving their arms at the marauding mammal - before turning and running for safety as the terrified giraffe refused to stop.


The giraffe had broken loose from Rinaldo Orfeo Circus, halting rush hour traffic.
At one point the giraffe tumbled into a car, almost crushing it. Angry locals reported damage to their cars, which crumpled under the the 920kg giraffe's hoofs.

Police attempted to box the animal in using buses and lorries, but the galloping giraffe managed to evade capture for over an hour.

 She was eventually cornered in the car park of a grocery store and keepers quickly rushed to the scene to subdue it with two tranquillisers.

But the tale has a sad ending. According to news agency Reuters, the giraffe died of a cardiac arrest after it was tranquilised.

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